Generations of the Paulk family farmed traditional row crops (cotton, peanuts, soybeans, etc.) until 1970, when Papa Jacob planted the first muscadine vine. Thirty years later, Paulk Vineyards was featured on the Food Network show, Food Finds. The Paulk family had established a legacy in the muscadine industry, growing from that first vine to over 600 acres of muscadines and scuppernongs harvested for fresh produce sales.

Chris Paulk, his wife Jorjanne, and friends watched the show from his apartment in Atlanta, just months after he graduated from Georgia Tech. He had always known he would eventually return home to continue the family tradition of muscadines, like Papa Jacob and his father, Gary. Little did he know how soon that day would come.

Seeing the potential for creating a unique market for products derived from muscadines, Papa Jacob invited Chris to come home in 2002 and start up a new business venture that would come to be known as Muscadine Products Company. MPC has become a powerful player in the muscadine industry, encouraging research on the health benefits of muscadines, and promoting muscadines as the “Superfruit of the South.”

Today, the Paulk’s Pride brand offers dietary supplements, juices, and jellies made from muscadines. The muscadines don’t have far to travel, as they are freshly harvested at Paulk Vineyards, then processed at MPC, right in the middle of the vineyards.

Legacy meets innovation when it comes to Paulk’s Pride: a rich farming heritage mixed with modern industry and technology. Healthy fresh muscadines straight from the farm, combined with natural ingredients, are made as simply as possible to ensure high quality products.

Paulk’s Pride: Healthy. Natural. Simple.

We hope you’ll enjoy Paulk’s Pride products. Whether it’s sipping a healthy juice, spreading jelly or sauce on a slice of toast or biscuit, or knowing you’re improving your physical well-being by taking our dietary supplements, you can be as proud as we are of Paulk’s Pride.

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