Paulk’s Pride products are unique and marketable to a variety of customers. Our supplements are densely packed with powerful phytochemicals, making them perfect for health-conscious consumers. Inflammation doesn't stand a chance against the antioxidants found in muscadines, the Southern Superfruit!

Gourmet cooks and “foodies” love our jelly, preserves, and sauce, which showcase the distinctive Southern flavor of muscadines. There’s no better PB&J than one made with muscadine jelly, while once you try muscadine sauce with your turkey and dressing, you’ll never buy that can of gelatinous cranberry sauce again!

Purple and White Muscadine Juices bridge the gap between these audiences with their natural sweetness. Kids and the young-at-heart love our juices, both of which have won the Flavor of Georgia contest! Whether you are interested in one product or all of the Paulk’s Pride line, let us help you customize the ideal combination of products for your valued customers. Contact us, and we can provide you with wholesale pricing.

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